Volunteer Committee

The Riddle Thrift Shop was started by a group of volunteer auxilians.  Each auxiliary would be assigned to staff the shop for a two week period.  They handled the sales, the consignments and the donations for that two-week period. 

Today, we have volunteers, auxilians and employees involved in the day to day operations of the shop all year round but we still maintain some of the format that was started years ago.  The governing group is now called the Volunteer Committee and it is comprised of the Chairman and Co-Chairmen.  They are all members of the Associated Auxiliaries of Riddle Memorial Hospital and report directly to the President of the Associated Auxiliaries on the shop's progress. 

The Committee members serve as the liaisons to the Board representing the volunteers and the employees of the shop.  Their role is an important one.  It is their responsibility to see that the shop is always on the right course.  They work closely with the employees to be certain that the policies and procedures agreed to by the Committee are communicated to the volunteers. 

The Chairman and Co-Chairmen are dedicated women who have given a great deal of their time and energy.  The Riddle Thrift Shop would not be where it is today without their dedication and hard work.  We can never thank them enough for all that they have done and continue to do.